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8858RE: [RedHotJazz] Re: Noone on Oliver's Camp Meeting Blues

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  • David Brown
    Oct 4 12:56 AM
      Many thanks to Howard for the totally authoritative discographical overview.

      My question as to whether Rust was lying was rhetorical and I hope I implied
      that I did not believe the conspiracy theory involving Rust, Buster and/or
      Klein and did not reject Laurie's opinion and research, which documentary
      evidence from files and Buster, and even Noone, supports.

      Although new documentary evidence is unlikely to appear, I do think such
      chestnuts can usefully be revisited in the light of new technology. The
      latest transcriptions offer detail that could never have been imagined in
      the days of the discographical pioneers. It is possible now to slow and
      speed and superimpose and compare extracts and even sound waves.

      But, in end, even aural evidence of this refined definition is subjective.


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