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8845Armstrong in Copenhagen

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  • Patrice Champarou
    Sep 25, 2011
      I suppose everyone here already knows this footage, but although it is a
      youtube "theft", I had never seen it with such picture quality :
      I wonder about the way it was shot... according to the info about the DVD
      "At The Jazz Band Ball", it was a 1932 (not 34) performance shot for a film
      called KĂžbenhaven Kalundborg Og? (who would doubt that? ;-)), with a later
      recorded soundtrack. This is where my brother and I seriously wonder :
      obviously, Louis is quite away from the microphone at times, whereas the
      sound is perfect; but on the other hand, it is quite unlikely that he later
      dubbed his own performance with such a perfect synchronization, so.... a
      studio recording with carefully hidden mikes, with a fake audience? Does
      anyone know?
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