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  • Howard Rye
    Sep 25, 2011
      These are listed by Robert Pernet in his Belgian Jazz Discography, because
      trumpeters Léon Jacobs and René Compère, and trombonist Jules Testaert were
      Belgians. Received wisdom is that Jacobs and Testaert are the soloists but I
      am not sure how anyone knows this. Jacobs had been Baker¹s bandleader at the
      Folies Bergère in 1927 and is the leader on some of her best jazz records.

      Joe Hayman, generally listed as the alto saxophonist on the 1931 session was
      an African-American, who came to Europe with Josephine in the Revue Nègre
      and was in the 1929 Blackbirds in Paris. His presence is actually very
      unlikely on a session in Paris in June 1931 because he returned to New York
      from Villafranca on 21 April 1931 and as far as anyone knows did not come
      back to Europe until 1934 when he played with Romeu Silva (often called
      Romeo Silver as an anglicization) who is listed as the tenor player on the
      Baker records. This leads me to feel he may have come back earlier than is
      currently known but June 1931 still seems unlikely.

      Frankly, I doubt there is any more evidence Oscar Aléman is on these discs.

      on 25/09/2011 13:12, Peter L Reid at reid1947@... wrote:

      > Hi All,
      > Once again I have fallen prey to cheap CD's, this time a double of
      > Josephine Baker.
      > Apart from her photo on the covers and actual CD's there is no
      > information at all.
      > Not a bad CD, and for French music and vocals I prefer her to Edith Piaff.
      > Can anybody tell me who the band is that backs her on "You're Driving Me
      > Crazy"?
      > In the final vocal chorus there is a muted trumpet/cornet(?) behind her
      > as well as a rather
      > fine trombone.
      > Prompted me to play the track twice. I presume they are French, then
      > again a lot of
      > musicians from the US were in Paris prior to the Second World War.
      > Peter L.

      Howard Rye, 20 Coppermill Lane, London, England, E17 7HB
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