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8838Josephine Baker

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  • Peter L Reid
    Sep 25, 2011
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      Hi All,
      Once again I have fallen prey to cheap CD's, this time a double of
      Josephine Baker.
      Apart from her photo on the covers and actual CD's there is no
      information at all.
      Not a bad CD, and for French music and vocals I prefer her to Edith Piaff.
      Can anybody tell me who the band is that backs her on "You're Driving Me
      In the final vocal chorus there is a muted trumpet/cornet(?) behind her
      as well as a rather
      fine trombone.
      Prompted me to play the track twice. I presume they are French, then
      again a lot of
      musicians from the US were in Paris prior to the Second World War.

      Peter L.
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