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8826Buddy Bolden's righteous Uptown Bumps

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  • tommersl
    Sep 15, 2011
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      I heard a version by a group featuring George Lewis a recording of a jam session but they just titled it as "Uptown Bumps". Ken Colyer titled the same tune as the title of this post.

      The link to Buddy Bolden I find it interesting, first I thought the tune was a 1950's tune without traces to the past, as the tune is very similar to what Sam Collins the Country Blues singer titled as "Midnight Special" and later popularized by folk singer Huddie Leadbelly Ledbetter.

      1. Why did Colyer titled it so?
      2. Is there a solid link between this and Buddy Bolden?
      3. Traces of the origin of the song?



      PS if a discussion about this was already done in the past I apologize in advance, the search didn't raise anything but the title is different between different versions and I might miss other version of the tune I didn't search for.
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