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8758Creole Trombone: The Early Life of Kid Ory

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  • ory1886
    Aug 4 4:50 AM
      Dear Friends:
      "Creole Trombone: The Early Life of Kid Ory," is off to the University of Mississippi Press. The working publication date, subject to change, is Sept. 2012. The book explodes a few myths, straightens out some tall tales and takes you to the heart of what Ory meant when he called himself a Creole. I tried to write a book that would speak to both jazz fans and those who know nothing of jazz or Ory. I am sure you guys will let me know if I succeeded.
      One final plea for assistance.... There is a photo that Orrin Keepnews published in his photo book of Kid Ory and Tudi Garland on the ferry in Oakland in 1922. I would very much like to include this photo in the book. Anyone know Orrin or those who oversee his collection? I have tried to reach him via Facebook but to no avail.
      Further, I could really use a nice scan of "Ory's Creole Trombone" on Sunshine. Anyone have one they could share?
      John McCusker
      New Orleans