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8754New 78 RPM Release - Hot Jazz!

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  • Bryan Wright
    Jul 18, 2011
      I hope you'll forgive this blatantly commercial message, but I wanted
      to post a note to announce the release of a *new* 78 rpm disc on my
      Rivermont label. In March I traveled to Wisconsin to record Andy
      Schumm's Flatland Gang exclusively for this 78 release. For those who
      haven't yet heard him, Andy is a brilliant young cornetist (still in
      his mid-20s) capable of playing with a tone and style closer to Bix
      than anyone I've ever heard. For the record, his band features (among
      others) John Otto on clarinet, David Boeddinghaus at the piano, and
      Josh Duffee at the drums. On one side of the record is "Down In
      Gallion," a tune originally recorded in 1927 for Paramount by John
      Williams' Synco Jazzers. The other side has "The Swing" modeled on the
      1924 Johnny De Droit record. We recorded this the old-fashioned way,
      with the musicians placed around a pair of microphones, the balance
      achieved acoustically by placement of the musicians. Both sides were
      recorded in a single take, with no editing or digital manipulation.
      Joe Busam did the marvelous sleeve and label design. Everyone involved
      put forth a tremendous amount of effort, and I'm very proud of the way
      this record turned out. The records were pressed in audiophile-grade
      virgin vinyl in the Netherlands and copies are individually numbered.
      (We pressed this in a run of 500 copies.) You can see, hear, and--if
      so inclined--buy the record here:


      The record is also available as part of a discounted package with two
      other new Rivermont CD releases:


      Thank you for your support!

      Bryan W.
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