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8609Early photos of integrated performance?

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  • ikey100
    Apr 30, 2011
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      As RHJ includes so much cumulative knowledge about the literature and ephemera of early jazz and other musicmaking, would listmembers kindly share their guidance on what are the earliest photos of racially mixed musical performances? I'm less asking about posed theatrical casts or group photos-of which Polk Miller and the Old South Quartette may be among the earliest-although I welcome information about such as those also. I'm more seeking information about photos of actual performances of a group with clearly varied racial composition, be it in a public or private appearance context, and regardless of whether the performers are known or unknown.

      I am familiar with most of the standard pictorial references (Driggs' Black Beauty White Heat, Keepnews and Grauer's Pictorial History Of Jazz, etc.) as well as many of the supplementary photos found within other books. But until the advent of swing bands with featured players such as the Goodman and Krupa bands, I cannot really find anything else, be it a studio group or a live appearance.

      LET ME EMPHASIZE that I am aware of, and for this query believe irrelevant, the sociological background that makes such older photos uncommon. So please keep replies relevant to pictography, and refrain as much as possible from using this query for other discussions. I fully grasp that ethnicity occurs on an infinite spectrum, and that such distinctions as NOLA's uptown/downtown/Creole identities were sometimes a factor. But this post is strictly occasioned by a recent find which I would like to put in some greater apolitical, chronological perspective.

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