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8499RE: [RedHotJazz] Instrumentation similar to the KOCJB

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  • David Brown
    Feb 28, 2011
      Hi Andrew and Klaus

      That session is superb and maybe the nearest there is to the classic CJB two
      cornet line-up. But it was, I presume, a pick-up band so the felicities of
      the CJB are not to be expected.

      The Clarence Williams sides with Oliver and Ed Allen immediately come to
      mind but these are rather different and do not offer the stunning two cornet
      interplay of the CJBs. In fact, sometimes it is difficult to hear that two
      cornets are present.

      I think that for two cornets to function in this context without treading on
      each other is a big ask. Can it be that this works so well only through the
      genius of Armstrong and the profound musicianship of Oliver ?

      Did the two cornet front line originate with CJB ? I rather doubt it was
      much used in dance bands in N.O. The only example I can find at the moment
      are the Sam Morgans from 1927, post CJB. Tom Morris in NYC in the late 20s
      also often used a second cornet. I suspect that this also came from CJB.

      The revival on the West Coast used two trumpets as standard, I think, as
      also did the Crane River Jazz Band from England in 1949. I think the CJB
      would have been model in both these cases.

      The question that always nags me is why Oliver imported Louis to Chicago in
      1922. Was it really to ensure that, as second cornet, he could not surpass
      his mentor ? Oliver must have known that Louis was potentially a greater
      player than himself.


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