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8497Instrumentation similar to the KOCJB

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  • Andrew Homzy
    Feb 26, 2011

      I've was re-listening to some Johnny Dodds yesterday and just realized the session listed below has the same front line as King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band - 2 trumpets, trombone and clarinet. Furthermore, the penultimate chorus features a trumpet duet - albeit never as sophisticated as the King and the Dip - and in the last chorus, on the break, George Mitchell and Natty Dominique quote the KOCJB duet break from Snake Rag: 3rd chorus - April 6, 1923 - Gennett recording.

      So this was an obvious tribute to the KOCJB in both instrumentation and performance.

      My question is -

      What other bands of the 1920s also used the KOCJB 2 trumpets, trombone and clarinet frontline?



      George Mitchell, Natty Dominique (cnt) John Thomas (tb) Johnny Dodds (cl) Charlie Alexander (p) Bud Scott (bj) Baby Dodds (d) unknown (vcl-1)
      Chicago, October 8, 1927
      E-6749 Come on and stomp, stomp, stomp Br 3568, AoH AH169, Coral 94204, (G)COPS7362, MCA
      (F)510089, MCA 1328, Swag (Aus)JCS33732, Folkways
      FP63, CJM 32, MCA MCAD42326 [CD]
      E-6746 After you've gone (1) Br 3568, 3681, Creole 7, Swag (Aus)JCS33729,
      Coral 94261, (G)COPS7362, AoH AH169, MCA
      (F)510089, MCA 1328, CJM 32
      E-6748 After you've gone Br 3568, 80074, BL58016, BR Album B1020, 9-7018,
      Voc 1148, Mel M12027, Polk P9035, Jazz Soc AA542,
      Voc V1003, Vogue/Coral LRA10025, Coral CVM40003,
      (G)COPS7362, 94204EPC, 97032, Swag (Aus)JCS33729,
      AoH AH169, MCA (F)510089, 1328, CJM 32
      C-1242 Joe Turner blues Br 3997, Swag (Aus)JCS33732, Coral 94204,
      (G)COPS7362, AoH AH169, MCA (F)510089, MCA 1328,
      CJM 32
      C-1245 When Erastus plays his old kazoo Br 3997, Coral 94204, (G)COPS7362, Swag (Aus)
      JCS33732, AoH AH169, MCA (F)510089, MCA 1328,
      Voc 1022, CJM 32

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