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8436Re: [RedHotJazz] Annette Hanshaw, Lee Morse and Weimar Republic music

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  • David W. Littlefield
    Feb 8, 2011
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      Hanshaw is one of my favorites, partly because she recorded so many
      good tunes.

      As for the variations of songs on records, it's important to keep in
      mind that although there were some stars whose records sold because
      of them, the tune was the thing, not necessarily the artists, so
      record companies wanted *tunes* in their catalogs. This was the case
      through at least the early 40s. Naturally, artists/record labels,
      often wanted their records to be somewhat different from others. One
      of my favorite artists is Artie Shaw, some of whose records were
      totally different from what came before--eg. he turned Cole Porter's
      "What is this thing called love" into a hot swing tune, as opposed to
      the 2-beat foxtrot it was originally.


      At 06:38 AM 2/8/2011, Alex Hill wrote:
      >Hi, Peter,
      >thanks for the boost... at least there are people out there that likes the
      >music I posted.
      >I only recently discovered Annette Hanshaw
      >For your mention of Hawaiian music, I agree but I found that there are other
      >different variations of "Happy Days are here...." also "Boulevard of Broken
      >dreams"..... Amazing that there are different variations of different songs
      >in that time period...
      >yours gratefully
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      > > On 8/02/2011 9:36 PM, Alex Hill wrote:
      > >> Sounds that nobody is interested in what I posted...
      > > Hi Alex,
      > > In my case it was not that I'm not interested, it's finding time to
      > > listen.
      > > Annette Hanshaw is a favourite of mine. She made some wonderful
      > > recordings, and had some very good musos
      > > backing her.
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