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8428Re: [RedHotJazz] Annette Hanshaw, Lee Morse and Weimar Republic music

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  • Alex Hill
    Feb 8, 2011
      Hi, Peter,

      thanks for the boost... at least there are people out there that likes the
      music I posted.

      I only recently discovered Annette Hanshaw and Lee Morse via Youtube.... I
      liked listening to Jo Stafford, Anne Shelton, Sam Browne, Dinah Shore and
      also Deanna Durbin.... I admit they are not mostly from 20s but some are
      from 40s.

      Weintraub Synocapators - I would say they are part of the Weimar Republic
      as I do hear Jack Hylton on the station of Weimar Republic a few times so do
      Piccadilly Players.... plenty of American and British on that station as
      well as Europeans....

      For your mention of Hawaiian music, I agree but I found that there are other
      different variations of "Happy Days are here...." also "Boulevard of Broken
      dreams"..... Amazing that there are different variations of different songs
      in that time period...

      yours gratefully


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      > On 8/02/2011 9:36 PM, Alex Hill wrote:
      >> Sounds that nobody is interested in what I posted...
      >> Never mind, every person is not the same one as the next person.
      >> ta
      >> alex
      > Hi Alex,
      > In my case it was not that I'm not interested, it's finding time to
      > listen.
      > Annette Hanshaw is a favourite of mine. She made some wonderful
      > recordings, and had some very good musos
      > backing her. I must admit her Hawaiian stuff doesn't appeal to me, and I
      > can do without the Helen Kane/Betty Boop
      > tracks.
      > Lee Morse I have never heard before, and I like what I have heard so
      > far. On some tracks, especially "If You Want The Rainbow"
      > she sounds a bit like Marjorie Stedeford, an Australian singer from
      > before the war, who recorded tracks in London in the
      > mid thirties. Another singer I like.
      > Would you include "The Weintraub Syncopators" as Weimar Republic music?
      > They are such an integral part of "The Blue Angel",
      > one of my top 10 films.
      > That's all
      > Peter
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