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8413Re: [RedHotJazz] Oliver's Dixie Syncopators Photo

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  • Peter L Reid
    Feb 6, 2011
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      On 6/02/2011 9:41 PM, Michael Rader wrote:
      > John, the photo I think you mean is reproduced twice in Laurie Wright's
      > "King Oliver" (p. 70 and p. 81). It is credited to Frank Driggs, but I
      > believe that he has since sold his photo collection.
      > Best,
      > Michael Rader
      > .
      I think it is the same photo that is on the front of an LP record I have.
      The record is entitled "King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators" and is an "Ace
      of Hearts"
      release on English Decca (Mono AH34). Brian Rust wrote the cover notes
      and it
      was released in 1962.
      The photo is of the band on a stage, behind a curtained balustrade. The
      who appears to be Kid Ory is on the very left of the photo, seated next
      to King Oliver.
      In front of the band is a hanging cloth sign with King Oliver's Dixie
      Syncopators on it.
      Looking at the musicians it would appear to be the April 1926 band.
      Unfortunately the cover does not scan at all well owing to the age and
      usage the
      record has had over the last 50 years. Perhaps a list member has a more
      cover they can scan from and forward to you.
      If you can let me have your e-mail address I will forward the best copy
      I could make
      direct to you. Probably not much help to you except to maybe confirm the
      of the photo you seek.


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