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8405RE: [RedHotJazz] Photograph in Keepnews & Grauer

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  • David Brown
    Feb 4, 2011
      Right not Marrero.

      Spring Books, printed in Czechoslovakia on paper recycled, diplomatically,
      from Gestapo files after a good drubbing by T34s, using the most modern
      printing technique available in 12th century Tibet.

      But they were cheap. I bought mine for 10 bob in the local High Street

      But honestly the quality of reproduction is very poor, marring the value of
      some very rare photos, some of which I have never seen elsewhere, including
      the Henry Allen Brass Band, the version of which I found online, I think,
      from this very book. Maybe the first edition was better ?

      So they'd all sure be sitting in the back row of that church Pops described
      so very hard to say who on banjo except that he wears specs. Did St Cyr ?
      Also Chilton is he did not leave N.O. from 30s to 1955. I think it might be
      a chunkier and darker than usual Danny Barker who Chilton has as 'gigging'
      with Bunk in 1947.

      Reading round, I find that Marrero was not wanted by the penny pinching
      management for a later season at the 'S.C.' so George left him at home which
      Marrero forever after resented. Hillman excuses George for this as having no
      choice. What we think ?


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