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8284RE: [RedHotJazz] Re: Inaccuracies in VJM article on the Goldkette band and McKinney's Cotton Pickers

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  • David Weiner
    Jan 24, 2011
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      Of course, the arrangements couldn't be more different! But the distinctive
      sound of Nat Natoli's "nanny-goat" vibrato leading the trumpet section on
      "Italian" is not present on "Bertha," for what it's worth.

      Dave Weiner

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      and McKinney's Cotton Pickers

      I very much agree with Dave that it is an important issue. Again I would
      again like to point out the great detail with which Redman described the
      occasion - hardly likely that he made it all up. Besides, when he told the
      story is wasn't all that long after it happened!
      But, more importantly, the Goldkette band DID record later that day and "An
      Old Italian Love Song" was issued.
      Here is a link to the tune:


      To my ears this is not the same band as the one that recorded "Bertha"
      earlier that day - what do you think?

      Hans Eekhoff

      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, "David Brown" <johnhaleysims@...> wrote:
      > I return to the original rather provocative header.
      > I agree Patrice that aggression and insult have no place in the discussion
      > of music but I think the identification of these sides is important as
      > is the fact that opinion has been divided on these forever -- 'Jazz
      > Directory' of 1951 has this already 'as having long been a subject of
      > controversy among collectors'.
      > The source for this controversy must pre-date Redman's 1946 remarks for it
      > appears he was specifically questioned on this issue. Redman's evidence is
      > indeed third hand report of a musician's memory. But if I read it
      > he states that he and some other MKCPickers were on 'My Blackbirds' and
      > 'Don't Be Like That' and that MKCP were complete on 'Birmingham Bertha'.
      > I have just listened and cannot find any immediate aural anomalies to
      > contradict Redman but is it possible that new evidence will appear with
      > next part of the VJM article ?
      > More importantly perhaps is what the fact that these sides have been in
      > dispute for over 70 years has to say for racial theories of jazz history.
      > Dave
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