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8245Re: [RedHotJazz] Anyone know why the main site is down?

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  • patrice.champarou@free.fr
    Dec 4, 2010
      I personally wish this discussion to be over, but since (for once) I started
      replying to a query regarding the RHJ site, here we go :

      The most important thing (which I already mentioned) is, I think, that we
      can expect the site to keep working at least until December 2011.
      The have been so many temporary failures over the years that I suppose the
      safest thing, now that we've lost concact with Scott, is to wait until
      things are settled.

      Another comment is that I think one of the reasons why Scott chose the
      realaudio format was that he simply did not want his files to be downloaded.

      Plenty of things have changed since then, not only the actual downloading
      facility offered by the latest version of the Realplayer, but also the
      amazing number of free downloads now offered all over the web, with the more
      or less valid excuse of public domain status.

      Keeping a streaming protocol, rather than dowloadable mp3's with better
      sound quality is, among other things, a way to expressly support the efforts
      of the few small records companies which still remaster, publish, and of
      course, expect to sell pre-war music. I suppose I do not have to elaborate
      any further about this.
      Another, very important thing is that Scott's labor of love cannot be
      compared to large streaming websites supported by ads and/or some related
      commercial activities, which can afford to pay for broadcasting music. We
      did fear, a couple of years ago, that new directives regarding online
      radios in the US might kill the Archives for good, I do not know much about
      these questions but if I consider the crazy ambiguities of French law, I
      assume the risk is still pending.

      This is why I've always tried to be as discreet as possible about
      downloading, and I encourage everyone here to do the same. Of course I am
      not candid, the possibility of capturing online music has always existed, be
      it only by recording what comes out of your soundcard.

      I am not exerting any censorship here, but please remember that discussing
      some questions privately with other members you know or trust is still a
      possibility, and sometimes a more efficient one than making them public. Up
      to your judgement, and I must add that this group is the only one I've known
      or run where there are nearly no "moderating" problems, because of
      everyone's self-discipline.



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      From: Richard Lund
      Sent: Saturday, December 04, 2010 9:04 PM
      To: RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [RedHotJazz] Anyone know why the main site is down?

      Well, after 3 days of experimenting I had to finally give up on
      downloading/archiving the site...
      Apart from the fact that I received at least 2 dozen "file not found"
      errors, I could not find a program that would allow me to batch download
      the over 9,000 (!!!) song files...
      I was able to get the URLs from the header files and combine them into
      one text file, but there is no reliable program out there that will a)
      load a list of URLs, b) download the old PNM protocol and c) work
      without crashing randomly...
      In fact, Streambox was the only program that came close, but it crashes
      to frequently that the work I'd have to put into keeping it going would
      not make it worth the little time I have available.

      I can only hope that Scott finally will answer again and let us know of
      his plans.

      If he should contact someone, I would like to offer an alternate
      technology for serving the audio files - they could be stored in better
      quality as MP3 files and played through a Flash interface (which is a
      lot more common to find pre-installed than Real Player). Hopefully he
      kept the original quality sound bites archived somewhere...

      Anyway, that's neither here nor there until he surfaces again.

      In any case, except for some "file not found" errors, the few audio
      files that the program tried to download were downloaded successfully,
      so it would seem that at least most of the site is still intact.
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