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8242Re: [RedHotJazz] Anyone know why the main site is down?

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  • Nigel Burlinson
    Dec 3, 2010
      I, too, live in France and I just opened the site and listened to a
      recording without any problems at all!

      Nigel Burlinson.
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      Subject: Re: [RedHotJazz] Anyone know why the main site is down?

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      From: bernice joffe
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      Subject: RE: [RedHotJazz] Anyone know why the main site is down?

      > has the owner decided to disband?

      The short answer is that we do not know, and wish we did.

      Of course I won't delete the group, and it it obvious that if, for whatever
      reason, Scott has decided to stay away, his decision has to be respected.
      What is, I think, quite unfair, is to refuse saying so once and for all - at
      least to one of the people he used to be in touch with. Not excluding the
      possibility that something serious happened to him, which keeps me just as

      There is still a link to his bouncing email address on the welcome page of
      the RHJ website, which is probably quite disappointing for visitors, but not
      directly our problem.
      But there is also one to the group's webpage, suggesting that this Yahoo
      group is the official, related mailing-list.
      This was quite nice when Scott was still with us, but it has now created a
      very ambiguous and awkward situation.

      I get subscription requests *every week*, all year long, by first-time
      visitors who seldom take time to read what this group is about. Most never
      post a word, many unsubscribe after a couple of days or weeks, probably
      expecting to receive some kind of newsletter or whatever... not mentioning
      the calls for help and questions regarding the website itself, which I keep
      receiving as the group-owner, and keep patiently replying just to explain
      there is nothing I or anyone I know can do about it.

      I cannot get rid of this hassle by allowing just "anyone" to the group
      without first checking they are (most likely) real people, we would be
      instantly flooded with spam - no joke, the server keeps automatically
      rejecting lots of ads sent by spamming robots with the reason "not
      And I cannot decide to close subscriptions either, it would be the opposite
      of the policy which Michael and I tried to define in the first place:
      keeping an open place for discussion between people who are sometimes
      discovering pre-war jazz, and confirmed specialists - plus a lot of
      "in-betweens" like myself ;-)

      I took precautions from the start to keep the group from being "abandoned",
      even if I happened to vanish myself. I am sorry to understand that Scott did
      not bother lending anyone the "keys" to his website, which of course cannot
      be argued... but be the assumption correct or not, I think the least would
      be to let us/me/someone know.


      P.S. the group's server seems to have temporary problems, not warning me of
      pending messages or subscription requests for a couple of days. This does
      not only concern new members, but just anyone, since Yahoo sometimes fancies
      marking messages as spam without any obvious reason, and we have to go and
      "unlock" them.

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