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8238Re: [RedHotJazz] Anyone know why the main site is down?

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  • patrice.champarou@free.fr
    Dec 3, 2010
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      Sorry for the tecchy discussion here, but Richard, just to save you and
      anyone else a lot of disappointment :
      you *can* download the whole site, but you'll only get the pages, not the
      soundfiles which are stored in
      a protected folder, and "called" by separate streaming files (all in the
      "songs" folder).
      These are not the songs themselves, but .ram files, so a backup of the site
      on your computer won't work.
      Unless, of course, you have enough time on your side to record thousands of
      samples, convert, rename and reorganize them into your own folders, and
      rewrite all links in each of the html pages. I am too busy/lazy to make an
      estimation of the time it would take...

      I already thought of these problems when Scott was considering moving his
      site to France, I think it should either be kept as is (and no-one but Scott
      has access to the whole content, as far as I know) or completely rewritten,
      using a CMS which would indeed save a lot time, and allow more functions -
      like new entries or minor corrections, for a limited number of contributors
      with the relevant permissions.

      Not that the purely informative part is not instructive enough in itself, I
      saved it years ago.
      But please don't all rush on HTTracks together, or we'll do know why the
      server is getting slow! ;-))


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      From: Richard Lund
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      Subject: Re: [RedHotJazz] Anyone know why the main site is down?

      First of all:
      Please do NOT hit the Delete button :-)

      Second, I was able to get to the site today (just now), so at least it
      is not completely down...

      But it is slow and seems a little unreliable right now...
      This thread alarmed be to the degree that I am now attempting to
      download the entire site just to have an archive should the worst
      happen. So far I am not having too much luck (timeouts and other
      errors), but I'll keep trying. This great collection must be preserved!
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