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8234Mabel's Dream

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  • alan504450
    Dec 2, 2010
      [ADMIN - Sorry, Alan, no idea why Yahoo kept it blocked without warning; only found out while visiting the group's webpage this morning - Patrice]

      Hi Folks,
      I did post a further message regarding this title but it appears not to have got through. The composer of 'Mabel's Dream' is given in the Brian Rust and Walter C Allen book 'King Joe Oliver' as Ike Smith, with a copyright date of 16th November 1923. The same source credits 'I'm going away to wear you off my mind' to Warren Smith, Lloyd Smith & Clarence Johnson with copyright dates of 21st July 1922, 25th October 1922 & 22nd November 1922. Clarence Johnson is a familiar name as a composer but the only Warren Smith that I recall was a trombone player who was one of the original partners in the co-operative the was the Bob Crosby band. Whether this is the same person I have no way of knowing.
      I also tried the main site this morning and it is still down - anyone have any information ?
      TTFN - 007
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