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8223Re: [RedHotJazz] Take It Easy

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  • patrice.champarou@free.fr
    Nov 3, 2010
      -----Message d'origine-----
      From: bvkct
      Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2010 4:10 PM
      To: RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [RedHotJazz] Take It Easy

      > Take it easy with the criticism of the red hot jazz web site. It is the
      > best anthology of traditional jazz that I have ever seen and is a total
      > marvel. It is a superb teaching tool to show students how jazz developed.

      > Yes, there may be some errors, but so what? Almost all publications
      > have some small errors. I continue to be amazed by the depth and quality
      > of the work.

      First the ADMIN part :

      I suppose you meant "PLEASE take it easy..."
      And since there hasn't been a previous "Take it easy" topic, there CANNOT
      be any "re: Take it Easy".

      Well there is one, from this post on... but this is NOT the Bix forum, the
      archives are organized by threads and a "re:" with an unrelated subject line
      is the most confusing thing one can figure out on a Yahoo group.

      Now for the personal one :

      Everyone acknowledges the huge interest of this monumental work, but
      what you call criticism has nothing negative, on the contrary.
      It only means feeling involved in the ways the website could be improved,
      rather than prosternating in front of a frozen museum piece.

      Some things cannot be altered, even if one wished to, because it would mean
      re-writing the whole site from scratch. Like more searching facilities, the
      possibility of listing numbers according to different criteria, or
      presenting them in another order than alphabetical...
      The truth (and this is no criticism) is that no-one today would consider
      building such a huge website in pure html, without a database, and with such
      deprecated techniques as tables and framesets, also adopting a streaming
      protocol which was already obsolete six years ago - not mentioning the poor
      quality of the
      It works, for the time being, and loads much faster than many a crazy
      website with flashy anims or pics, or endless intros. Procedures which are
      just as outdated as the ones I mentioned.
      But for how long, and on how many of today's and tomorrow's browsers, I
      cannot tell.

      I worked on Scott's templates years ago - only three pages I filled in with
      Django stuff - and he was already aware, at the time, that manually
      inserting data and links between the too familiar <td> and </td> tags was
      one of the less rewarding taks one could think of.

      Back to the previous comment, I remember there *were* corrections, applied
      after they had been suggested by some of this group's members.
      They mainly concerned wrong links to soundfiles - and once again, there is
      nothing easier than confusion when you type everything by hand.

      Now, I think the best thing which could happen to the Archives would be a
      bit of interaction - like the possibility of correcting wrong
      information, adding articles and data.
      The only way to keep them, and this group, alive in the next
      future IMO.
      And without prostituting themselves to the current fashions or
      latest gimmicks, pre-war history and music need to adapt to the
      not-so-young-already generations.

      Hoc censeo... etc. etc.


      P.S. Since no-one replied, except for one (rejected) attempt to suggest the
      whole planet to look for the RHJ contact addresses, I will undertake the
      task of getting in touch with whoever is currently in charge of the website,
      and let you know. Not done yet? Sorry, I am not a full-time mod, not even a
      full-time anything. Help and advice gladly accepted, uncontrolled
      interference, no way!
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