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8218Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: contact for Scott Alexander

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  • Leif R. Blom
    Oct 31, 2010
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      About Scott, I wrote this for about five (5) years ago to him.
      And that was not the first time I wrote, I found a lot of mistakes.
      As I know, their was nothing corrected even then.
      I think he had left the problems to some-one else.


      as a member of the Yahoo-mailgroup, it seems to be of little idea to have
      questions about the RHJ-Archive.
      No-one cares and they all bring the problems forward to you; so I´ll mail to you
      Now I have a problem with the Jimtown Blues.
      I think the recording of the Stomping Six is the same as the recording of Fatty
      They have different protocol-names, but I can hear no difference.
      And there is a mix between Farewell Blues and Snakes Hips at The Georgians. I
      think it will be easily corrected.
      Concerning the Jungle Kings it might be a labelling error. (?)
      Finally I must say I am happy about the Archive, it has really enlarged my



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      Subject: Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: contact for Scott Alexander

      Yes...where is he anyway? I have problems with some misidentifications of
      many of the players on a good many records that I'd like him to correct. I
      presume a blunder like the one below couldn't be attributed to Scott so
      must assume he delved out the research to someone other than himself:

      Art Hodges rather than the correct name Art Hodes, whom you all know
      otherwise you wouldn't be here. That's just e pluribus unum.

      Love the site though and spend much too much time here.

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      > --------------------------------------------------
      > I was about to send a private reply, the short answer being that no-one
      > a clue, and you're not the only one seriously wondering what's become of
      > Scott.

      I have wondered the same, and it was what led me to this group in fact.
      While it is a terrific sites, there are some maintenance issues (incorrect
      music links among other things) and some corrections that need to be applied
      as well on some of the biographies (all verifiable and documented from my

      It is frustrating to not be able to find the author/curator of such a
      valuable resource. My main motivation is due to how information is spread any
      more. I know that many sections of biographies on my site are directly
      quoted and spread like wildfire at times, but at least in more than half the
      cases I am attributed - and yes, I sometimes have to do language conversions
      to be certain, since it is a worldwide thing.

      But more than anything, when new facts surface that override older ones
      that may have been put forward by the original subject of the biography
      (usually birth dates and years, but other factoids as well), I do all I can to
      reach out to other sites to apply this new information so we are all, in a
      sense, on the same page with this information. Helpful for researchers, but
      also even more helpful for overall credibility. Wikipedia is easy enough to
      tackle, and I have worked on a couple hundred articles there - some of
      them simply atrocious before I started - and massaged them into something more
      resembling fact. The Library of Congress is actually easier, and since I
      have a working relationship with them (I live in the area and research on
      site), they usually apply my corrections quickly and without question, since
      I usually send the supporting data.

      So it's not about my information being better than anybody else's - it is
      not always that way. It's more about making sure there is some universal
      baseline on each of these composers so facts and numbers agree with each
      other, which means they agree also with Census and draft records, newspaper
      articles, birth certificates (which eats up a lot of my research budget), and
      other bits of corroborative information. I rely on my colleagues at times
      for verifying my new finds, and either supporting them or proving them less
      than accurate with a better source. In the end, the information stream
      keeps improving that way.

      Maybe Scott will see this and hopefully respond in some way. I have not
      done any extensive searches for him, but also don't know when the last update
      was. Obviously he (or someone) is paying for yearly domain updates, so
      there has to be a curator somewhere.

      If I find out, and have permission to do so, I'll post here. Perhaps it
      will also get changed on his site.

      Finest, Bill E.

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