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8146Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Date of First String Bass

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  • David Weiner
    Jul 26, 2010
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      > So now limiting the discussion to "big band/large ensemble" and avoiding
      > string-bands, quartets/quintets: I had always assume that this
      > setting--for recordings--generally had tuba. As such I was looking for who
      > began using string bass as a replacement for tuba, if it concentrated in
      > one or a few individual groups.
      > .
      > -- Gerry
      Don't forget, Gerry, that many bands had tuba and string bass side by side
      at the same time - this is readily apparent in many of the Vitaphone shorts
      of 1927-30 - often, a band also had a banjoist and a guitarist playing
      simultaneously, too. There are numerous records - like Gus Arnheim's "One
      More Time," from 1931, where tuba is in use on the first half of the disc,
      with a switchover to string bass for the "hot" final choruses to add an
      extra measure of excitement to the performance.

      Dave Weiner
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