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8069Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: New photograph of the young Louis (aged 12)?

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  • Nick Dellow
    May 31, 2010
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      Regarding the hats in the photo (which are called cloche hats), a few days
      ago I did a bit of digging online and found the following statement in a
      website on fashions from different eras:

      "The cloche hat was not confined to the 1920s as is often first thought. It
      was fashionable from 1908 to 1933"

      The fashion for these hats started in Paris and it is, I would think, likely
      that the fashion would have not have spread too far beyond this and other
      such trend-setting centres of fashion.

      Of course, there are many photographs of women (black as well as white)
      wearing cloche hats in the 1920s but I have yet to see a photo that predates
      the 1920s in which even a white women is wearing one! Incidentally, around
      1927 ladies started to wear the hats with the rim turned up. You learn
      something new everyday!

      On 31 May 2010 09:48, David Brown <johnhaleysims@...> wrote:

      > This kid is tall and thin, not attributes immediately associated with
      > Louis.
      > Facially also not much like Louis to me.
      > The ladies' hats suggest to me a later date, flapper style, maybe 20s. Do
      > we have a fashion historian on board ? A quick flash through online sources
      > for hats -- my first ever -- leads me to about 1927.
      > Also suggestive of a later date, the kid is definitely holding a trumpet
      > and
      > not Louis' 'first' cornet that also appears on the same page 'waif's home'
      > Louisiana Digital Library.
      > Also the band drum is labelled 'Municipal Boy's Home -- Colored ( I think )
      > Dept Brass Band' and the word 'Unity' also appears. The drum on the
      > well-known Louis waif's band photo is labelled 'COLORED WAIF'S HOME BRASS
      > BAND.'
      > Other photos on the site show Louis revisiting the home in 1931 wherein the
      > drum appears with the same labelling as the 'new' Louis photo. Elsewhere
      > also Louis can be seen with Peter Davis and Captain Jones, neither of whom
      > seem to be on the 'new' photo, holding his 'first' cornet'.
      > Dave
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