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7978Re: ODJB film from 1917

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  • Randy Skretvedt
    Jan 31, 2010
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      Thank you, all, for the information. There are no Chaplin films from 1913, as his first film, "Making a Living," was released February 2, 1914. "The Good for Nothing" is a reissue title for his Keystone comedy "His New Profession," released August 31, 1914.

      The film with the possible ODJB connection has never appeared in any Chaplin filmographies, so if he does in fact appear in it, it would be of interest to Chaplin fans. This is unlikely, however, because if the ODJB footage was shot at Resenweber's in New York in 1917, it would be during a time when Chaplin was busy in Los Angeles preparing his first film for the First National company. Chaplin was not in New York until April 1918, when he came there on a Liberty Bond tour.
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