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7937Re: First ever recording featuring brushes?

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  • jtdyamond
    Jan 7, 2010
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      As I recall it was Cie Frazier who told me, about 1982.

      Do you know anything about the use of temple blocks or skulls ?


      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, "gerry.paton" <gerry.paton@...> wrote:

      > Re Cottrell, Zutty Singleton said that "The first pair of brushes I ever had were sent from Chicago by Manuel Perez to Louis 'Old Man' Cotrelle [sic], the drummer from Piron. I studied Cotrelle's work a lot during the early days. But Cotrelle didn't care about brushes, so he gave them to me and those were the first pair of brushes I ever saw in my life. Before that, you had to get your soft effects just by controlling your touch with the sticks." jtdyamond, may I ask where you got the info about Cottrell being horrified by the discolouring that brushes caused? It complies with Singleton's account and I'd love to check the original source.
      > Once again, many thanks for all your input. I now have a few more leads to follow up.
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