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7931Horn Mutes on Record/drum solos

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  • Ron L'Herault
    Jan 2, 2010
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      I just listened to a nice recording of nothing but drums on an orange label
      (I think), Emerson 7" disk. I don't know what year the disk is from but it
      did have a c.1918 on it so it had to be 1918 or newer.

      I play trombone and like using mutes. One leader I play for thinks that
      they are out of place in early jazz performances. He cites one time on a
      Dodds record that he has heard a recorded muted bone. I'd love to be able
      to point out other early/earlier recorded examples of muted trombone are
      there any?

      Ron L

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      To my knowledge, the first recording of brushes may be "land Of Cotton
      Blues" by the Georgians, from Sept. 6, 1923. In Dick Sudhalter's book "Lost
      Chords" he suggests this may also be the first drum solo (by Chauncey

      Chris Tyle
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