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  • kbrau44
    Dec 29, 2009
      Hi everybody, as nobody except Howard Rye seems to be interested in my note re Edith Wilson on Brunswick November 1929: I have compared the Document release and the Archaeophone and I hear no difference, so I think the items being identical. But: other than Rust there is a reed player playing flute on Black And Blue and clarinet on My Man Is Good ... and another reed player playing altosax. Rust only lists a clarinet. Obviously the alto player is identical on both sides (as I think Emerson Harper, who was more of a legitimate player in the Leroy Smith band), the flutist doubling on clarinet on the second side. According to his weak time in the last break of the ensemble chorus this very probably seems to be Albert Socarras. And then there is an unlisted tuba. The whole personnel with Charlie Gaines and Wilbur de Paris seems to be drawn from the Leroy Smith band. A very beautiful recording with a superbly swinging band!

      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, "kbrau44" <kbrau44@...> wrote:
      > There is a beautiful double-cd on Archeophone 6006 with a lot of Mary Stafford and Edith Wilson. But when compiling nobody seems to have checked the personnels. I would ask all interested listeners to listen closely to Edith Wilson´s "Black And Blue/My Man Is Good For Nothing But Love" c. Nov. 1929 Br 4685. The personnel seems to come from RUST, but the matrix no.s are different in the cd-booklet, and the personnel?
      > By the way, on the second title is fantastic band playing, and it swings like hell. But what of the musicians?
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