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  • kbrau44
    Dec 21, 2009
      Good evening, everybody! Michael Rader and I have just started a very interesting discussion on Clarence Williams band personnels. Here, a reexamination is certainly overdue.

      As we both agree on the necessity and importance of this project, which deals with one of the major problems in classic jazz that have to be solved, we would like to invite every interested jazz-buff to participate.

      I have prepared a list of all recorded Clarence Williams band personnels from November 1925 on to May 1933, including singer accompaniments, coming from: 1. Tom Lord, Cl. Williams, and 2. Rust, 6th edition. This list is ready to be dispatched by e-mail.

      Michael and I have begun to discuss the personnels of 2 pages (i.e. 6 sessions) each week and have found this a conveniant way to progress.
      So, if you would like to participate and are eager to listen and find out, just drop a line to: <mailto:kb.rau@...> and you will receive our list to work on it.

      But we expect you to be willing to listen and give your opinions and/or finds at every week´s end per e-mail!

      We would be glad to hear from you! K-B
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