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7878Re: [RedHotJazz] Edith Wilson

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  • Howard Rye
    Dec 1, 2009
      Brunswick 4685 allegedly exists in two distinct couplings using E-31558/9,
      recorded about 19 November 1929, and E-31585/6, recorded about 22 November

      Rust shows only one of these sessions in any of the editions I have (3rd,
      5th, 6th). Rust 3 lists only E-31585/6, Rust 5 & 6 list only E-31558/9,
      having treated the report of these masters (by Frank Dutton from the
      Brunswick files), as a correction rather than an addition, assuming no doubt
      that 31558/31585 are a metathesis and ignoring the other masters. We show
      both sessions correctly in Blues & Gospel Records.

      Rust¹s personnel appeared first in the 4th edition, but it doesn¹t look like
      names anyone would have presumed to identify aurally so I guess one of the
      alleged participants made a claim that someone related to this record.
      Earlier discographies, knowing only of E-31585/6, have personnel unknown.

      I don¹t know what the evidence is that there are really alternative versions
      on Brunswick 4685. The information came from Frank Dutton and may therefore
      come from Brunswick file data. I have certainly not knowingly heard two
      versions of either title.

      I think all reissues probably use E-31585/6. It would be worth comparing the
      Archeophone with Document DOCD5451. Archeophone appear unaware of the
      alternative versions. Manaña.

      on 01/12/2009 09:55, kbrau44 at kbrau44@... wrote:

      > There is a beautiful double-cd on Archeophone 6006 with a lot of Mary Stafford
      > and Edith Wilson. But when compiling nobody seems to have checked the
      > personnels. I would ask all interested listeners to listen closely to Edith
      > Wilson´s "Black And Blue/My Man Is Good For Nothing But Love" c. Nov. 1929 Br
      > 4685. The personnel seems to come from RUST, but the matrix no.s are
      > different in the cd-booklet, and the personnel?
      > By the way, on the second title is fantastic band playing, and it swings like
      > hell. But what of the musicians?

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