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  • kbrau44
    Nov 27, 2009
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      Hi Yves Francois, thanks for reply, yes, that´s exactly what I hear. There certainly is a banjo on "What Do You Know", but I am not so certain on "Shut Your Mouth". I came to discover the bjo by thinking about the very compact rhythm I heard, which simply seemed to be too thick for a pno alone. The pianist certainly is a stride man with a strong left hand, if Waller, I do not know. (Wouldn´t Waller have claimed to have a solo?). And I would like to follow John R.T.´s suggestion that this is "Big" Charlie Thomas. Thomas has a very light , somewhat airy approach to Armstrong´s style, which can be found here, although only riffing. Nice to get a confirmation. Thanks! K-B
      By the way, although these tunes are not sooo much Jazz, I simply love them because of their charme!

      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, yves francois <aprestitine@...> wrote:
      > K.B. et Michel
      > Thanks Michael - now I have to buy the Waller set - 2 takes of those  recordings ! The trumpet is great (Big Charlie or not, not quite enough evidence but I have nothing against it being he), even if it only riffs, now to what you asked - I have the BCT Timeless so i have only one take of each - there is defiantly a banjo on "What Do You Know About That" - and seems to be (though I am not so certain, the banjo, if he is there, is off mike - or should I say off recording "horn"? - as is the trumpeter behind the vocal duet) on "Shut Your Mouth" - and you get a REAL feel of Harlem on these duets!! Re: if it is Fats or not, I'll listen to it a few more times
      > hope this helps
      > Yves Francois
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