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7817RE: [RedHotJazz] Re: ... and it all started about my query re: trumpet on buddy christian creole five (rambling here on a few points)

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  • David Brown
    Nov 2, 2009
      Yves and anybody

      I have listened through the Big Charlie Thomas CD (Timeless) again in light
      of recent information. My conclusion is that 'Big Charlie' is probably on
      all sides except the Morris Seven Hot Babies which still sound like Jabbo,
      the playing 'hotter', technically more assured but artistically less
      original and creative. The OKeh Melody Stars and the Sims/Williams offer no
      evidence of Charlie's unique traits but maybe this is because there is too
      little exposed cornet for evidential purposes. There is certainly nothing
      anomalous on these sides to prevent it being Charlie.

      The astounding thing about Charlie's style is the heavy Louis influence in
      NYC, or indeed anywhere, as early as November 1925. The question is how this
      was absorbed. It must have been through personal contact during Louis' stay
      with Henderson and/or from records. One wonders at what circumstances would
      have allowed Charlie to have sufficient personal exposure to Louis. Playing
      in the same band is an obvious solution but there seems no candidate. If
      from record it could initially only have been the Hendersons and the blues
      accompaniments. It is possible, so programmed, to hear the later sides as
      showing that Charlie has a new model to emulate as the Hot5s hit the


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