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  • David Brown
    Oct 15, 2009
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      Thanks again Howard

      Rust has a full personnel for the Brownies March 1927 -- no probs, poss.s or
      ?s. Jazz Directory has total unks. So I wonder where it came from ? By
      backdating what Abbey arrived with ?

      Not only Johnson but also, at least, Ralph James and Oliver Tines from the
      Brownies, and I guess thus also Leon Abbey, stayed in Europe. Tines is with
      Louis in both UK 1933 and Paris 1934 and James with Wooding in 1931. Life
      must surely have been sweeter this side of the Atlantic, or in Paris at

      Fascinating collateral information there. Research proves the Gwen Roger's
      Musical Dolls to have been a female quartet featuring the Japanese one
      string phonofiddle who recorded in 1926. The link below will also introduce
      the 'last great virtuoso of the bladder-and-string'. Burnt cork virtuoso.



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