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77426 Jelly Roll and Frank Melrose updates

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  • m15romano
    Sep 28 8:43 PM
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      Hello all.

      This is from Doctorjazz.

      The Jelly Roll Morton and Frank Melrose website has been updated with 6
      terrific articles and items of great interest and historical value.

      Brian Goggin sends details for a Jelly Roll Morton engagement at the
      Gallatin Gardens, Uniontown from The Morning Herald, dated 17th May 1929.

      Millie Gaddini sends a grotesque caricature of Jelly Roll Morton by comic
      book artist and illustrator Oscar Zarate.

      Brian Goggin sends an article for a previously unknown Frank Melrose
      engagement in Hammond, Indiana from The Hammond Times, dated 16th March

      Author and researcher Mark Miller sends an article from the "Stage Notes and
      Stroll News" column of The Indianapolis Freeman, dated 21st November 1914.
      Mention of Jelly Roll, Lucille Hegamin and Clarence Jones. Fine books
      about early jazz in Canada by Mark, include "Such Melodious Racket: The Lost
      History of Jazz in Canada, 1914-1949" and "Some Hustling This! Taking Jazz
      to the World, 1914-1929".

      The Chant : played by Bob Greene's World of Jelly Roll Morton band.
      Recorded live at the Hatfield Forum, England in 1982. A terrific
      performance, which features Ernie Carson, Herb Hall, Bob Conners, Marty
      Grosz, John Williams, Tommy Benford and Bob Greene.

      Brian Goggin sends details for a Jelly Roll Morton engagement at Shady Grove
      Park, Uniontown from The Morning Herald, dated 6th June 1929.

      To view all the above, please click on the URL below. Hope you enjoy.