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7683Re: [RedHotJazz] Frog Spawn - a first opinion

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  • Nick Dellow
    Sep 13, 2009
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      Howard, I don't think you are going potty; I also hear "ain't" rather than

      Incidentally, the timbre of the sax heard under Punch's solo and vocal in
      "Golden Lily Blues" sounds like that of a soprano, at least to my ears (even
      though the notes played are well within the range of the alto sax);
      however, the instrument featured after Cohn's piano solo is an alto sax! The
      soprano sax is heard again towards the end of the side, as is a clarinet,
      and by my reckoning the last two-bar riff is played in unison by cornet,
      clarinet and soprano sax (with brass bass and cymbal adding the punctuation

      Presumably, the clarinet is played by Fred Howard, as suggested by Rust in
      the 4th (and earlier?) edition of Jazz Records, though oddly omitted in
      later editions!


      2009/9/13 Howard Rye <howard@...>

      > Okay, I know the provence of the modern belief that Arthur Ray is playing
      > an
      > accordion. But does anyone know of any other record in or out of jazz on
      > which an accordion sounds like this?
      > These records have been known to collectors since forever and the
      > instrument
      > has always been listed as an organ. Perhaps this could just possibly be
      > because the labels of Vocalion 14913 state quite unambiguously ³organ and
      > cornet².
      > I can¹t help thinking this is a solution in search of a problem.
      > Just out of interest, are these the earliest jazz records that were not
      > primarily marketed for dancing? For they surely cannot have been aimed at
      > home dancers, can they? They are music intended for listening.
      > I mean to try and describe the differences between the versions if I don¹t
      > go completely mad first, but the notes to DGF71 claim the Pathé version not
      > the Vocalion, and I think we have previously established that the Vocalion
      > version is on EPM (tracks 1 & 2).
      > By the by, I don¹t think Frog are right that the version of Golden Lily
      > Blues on which the first line of the vocal is ³Well, standing on Garfield,
      > mama, near blue El² rather than ³Well, standing on Garfield, mama, near the
      > El² is issued here for the first time. I already have two takes and the
      > ³blue El² version is on Herwin H108 from the Klatzko/Whelan Collection. On
      > the other hand I can¹t hear on any version the other difference noted by
      > Richard Rains in the DGF71 notes, ³weren¹t that some good news² rather than
      > ³ain¹t that some good news².
      > Am I going potty or is something more complicated occurring here. Nick?
      > on 11/09/2009 14:38, Michael Rader at Rader.Michael@...<Rader.Michael%40web.de>wrote:
      > > The Texas Blues Destroyers, comprising only Bubber Miley and Arthur Ray
      > on
      > > what was thought to be a "reed organ", but now suspected to be an
      > accordion,
      > > have been discussed recently on the Red Hot Jazz mailing list. The two
      > sides
      > > included here are the Vocalion version missing from the EPM Hot and Sweet
      > New
      > > York Horns compilation, although that is probably now hard to get.
      > >
      > >
      > Howard Rye, 20 Coppermill Lane, London, England, E17 7HB
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