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7611RE: [RedHotJazz] The return of Flo was: Re: Arnett Nelson (King moments w South)

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  • David Brown
    Aug 5, 2009
      Hello Yves

      Nice to have you back. You know I am convinced on Arville but agree his
      varying standards. His playing of almost the identical solo is far better on
      the Waller than on the Tibbs and he is even better on 'Flo'.

      Just plumbed the Souths and there is very little clarinet here to go on but
      what I hear is much farer from 'Flo' than Arville. A much straighter player
      who in obligato on 'No More Blues' and elsewhere in ensemble sounds much
      nearer to Noone than to Dodds which is, if King, not surprising as he sat
      next to Noone with Doc Cook. The only solo I can find 'Marcheta' also
      seems to me to be an essay at Noone. But caution, I only have King as
      possible/probable here. I hear no clarinet on 'Nagasaki'.

      Also what would put King in NYC for 'Flo' ?

      Also Clarence had his own stable of musicians, including Arville, to whom he
      was loyal. Why would he import a foreigner ?


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