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7605Re: [RedHotJazz] The return of Flo was: Re: Arnett Nelson (King moments w South)

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  • yves francois
    Aug 4, 2009
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      Michael et all   Glad to see this come up again, I like Red Hot Flo, and hope you are having a good day.
       Clifford "Clarinet" King was a consideration of mine, but I did not even think to voice an opinion, I thought he was always based in Chicago 9and made it to Europe w South). He does solo a little hot jazz clarinet in the South's sessions from 1931 (I decided to give the times so you can pinpoint the moments of jazz solos) "Marcheta" than "Hejre Kati" 78 (Victor 22847, his work on "Hijre Kati" is "straight"), and more titles on the Eddie South CD "Black Gypsy" (play "Marcheta" 1.46 in track #13 on the Black Gypsy CD), very good clarinet solo, also check "Mama yo Quiero Una Novina" (track #16) 2.20 in (titles rec 1931 in Chicago), 1933 he recorded 3 jazzier titles with South, only "Nagasaki" (on the CD 1.04 in for 8 bars) shows a clarinet in the NOLA style lower register, there is almost no blowing room for King on this date, too bad, one has to get his best work playing ethnic songs. BTW King plays bass clarinet on the 1929 titles recorded in
      Europe.    Now the question arises, did King spend time in NYC in the spring of 1927, I thought he was with Cook at the time. I am OK with Harris being Flo, since there are similarities to the solos, and can live with the fact that maybe he declined badly as the bootleg booze took him away from inspiration, still " ... Flo" would be his best example of his playing, if it were he. King, on the other hand, was a terrific player, like Jejo, and closer to the NOLA playing than Mr Jejo . Again, recording jazz for jazz sake was NOT the norm of the day, and that's too bad, isn't it (but then major labels rarely care for jazz for jazz's sake)?   Happy birthday to Louis BTW ...Yves Francois

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      Subject: [RedHotJazz] The return of Flo was: Re: Arnett Nelson
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      Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2009, 1:38 AM


      Following Chris Hillman's proposal that the clarinet on "Red Hot Flo" was Clifford King, I checked my copy of Rust, which only gives him for several sessions by Doc Cook(e) and a period with Eddie South. The Cookes mainly have Jimmie Noone as clarinet soloist and the Souths are mainly "ethnically" oriented with little opportunity for clarinet solos. From what little there is, I would say that King is a possibility on "Flo", but remain unconvinced.

      So, is there any more work by Mr. King on record?

      Michael Rader

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