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7570Re: [RedHotJazz] Blues Banjo

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  • Charles Bihun
    Jul 31, 2009
      I found that song on youtube, which, I admit, isn't a rigorous reference source.  However, this song is shown under Johnson's discography on redhotjazz.com: Paramount 12700-B, 9/1928.

      You can hear it there or at youtube, which is easier for me as I don't have 'Real" set up.

      Cannon did play the five string, and he at times used a knife as a slide, as on "Poor Boy, Long Way From Home.".


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      Post-scriptum :

      > While a lot of Cannon's recording are not really blues, his "Springdale
      > Blues"
      > is, as is Jackson's "Good Doing Papa Blues."

      I am afraid there is some confusion, since as far as I know Charlie Jackson
      never recorded that number. It is the title of an unissued recording by
      Isaiah Nettles a.k.a. the Mississippi Moaner, which - obviously - no-one has

      The songs performed by Papa Charlie on guitar are the following :
      Texas blues (1925)
      Jackson's Blues (1926)
      Up The Way Bound (1926)
      but to be honest, according to B&GR there was every time another take which
      he accompanied on his usual 6-string banjo. Which I'll enjoy checking


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