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6937Spencer Williams lp info?

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  • ikey100
    Jun 9, 2009
      Sorry if this postwar query is an off topic one, but I recently acquired the 1954 LP isued under Spencer Williams' name, "Spencer Williams, New Orleans to Stockholm" (Dot 3074), and am seeking details on the LP's origins and the musicians involved. Although the album claims that Williams "conducts" his own compositions, it might also be that he simply put his name to the performances with no actual musical involvement. It's a so-so lp of performances of Williams' songs by a mid-sized band, and while Williams wrote some biographical notes, there is no information given about the performers or arrangers. (Judging from his pre-war recordings with Teddy Bunn he was a pedestrian pianist). Can anyone shed any light on the origin of this lp, and perhaps some likely personnel?
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