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  • Alexandre Litwak
    Mar 2, 2009
      Some infos about themes and musicians we talked about

      In “Palestina”, we can find, in the chorus, three klezmer tunes:
      - ”Szol A Figemadar” (the first eight bars of the theme)
        - A piece of “kolomakey” (the Kolomakey being the name of a specific dance in klezmer music) in the clarinet solo of the counter melody  in the last eight bars of the theme
        - In the interlude which does not exist in the ODJB version, entirely played by an alto sax, we can find “Tants Tants Yidderlech” (recorded some years earlier in New York by Abe Schwartz, also known under the name of “Ma Yofus”

      Benny Goodman plays some short musical phrases in a version with a small group of “Bay mir bis du shayne”, but plays, in its entirety “Der Shtiller Bulgar” in a version of “And the angles sing” some day when it seems that Ziggy Elman was not here to play the theme he had shifted from this klezmer tune

      About J. Dodds, have you ever heard the version of “San” in a duet with a pianist ? Here, his phrasing  way of playing sounds terribly like Naftule Brandwein’s one. It is the same for the recording of “That’s a plenty” by Benny Goodmann in 1929, when his phrasing sounds like something klezmer

      At the opposite, and recently, the klezmer clarinettist David Krakauer copied Sidney Bechet in his version of “Oke Doke”, imitating his phrasing, at a perfection, but changing the rythm.

      Alexandre Litwak
       The klezmer tune played by Artie Shaw in “Dr Livingstone I presume”  is called “Kamariska”, some kind of russian dance.
      Ir was recorded in the 20s’ in America by the klezmer clarinettist Naftule Brandwein under the name of “Veseliy Kazak”. I can send the mp3 and the score to any one who would be interested.

      De : Harry Schwartzman <harryschwartzman@...>
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      Objet : [RedHotJazz] Re: Willie Joseph Johnny Dodds and the Klezmer Sound

      For what it is worth, there is a, at least to me, wonderful collection of music available on a Columbia 2CD set called 'From Avenue A to the Great White Way:Yiddish & American Popular Songs From 1914-1950', which of course falls slightly out of the purview of this group. However it documents a long tradition of Yiddish theatre using the popular music of it's time.
      I think it is more accurate to say that Jazz was an influence on Klezmer, rather than the other way around. And especially as Jazz became more and more 'pop' music. However, their attempts at 'Jazz' are just as anemic as any of the 'great pretenders' who had, at best, a tenuous conections to the New Orleans root of the music.
      -Harry Schwartzman
      Long Island City, NY

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