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6758Fw: Jelly Roll Morton website update of great historical interest

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  • Patrice Champarou
    Feb 28, 2009
      > The Jelly Roll Morton website has been updated with the following 6 items
      > of
      > great historical interest:
      > Peter Hanley sends an excellent essay on George Eugene (Detective) Peyton.
      > This accompanies Peyton's WWI Draft Registration Card. Mention of Jelly
      > Roll and his associates in Texas. Get Lomax's "Mister Jelly Roll" off
      > your bookshelf for this one!
      > Laurie Wright sends a not-to-be-missed article titled, "Have Drum, Will
      > Travel : An Interview with Tommy Benford." Many of you will know that
      > Laurie published the world-renowned jazz magazine "Storyville."
      > (Additional information on Tommy and Bill Benford courtesy of Brian
      > Goggin).
      > Peter Vickers sends a terrific article titled, "Reminiscing in Ragtime :
      > Recollections of Roy J. Carew" by George W. Kay. The Roy Carew articles,
      > especially those penned by George W. Kay, are always of interest to those
      > who enjoy ragtime.
      > Millie Gaddini sends a superb article titled, "Sedalia . . . Missouri,
      > Cradle of Ragtime" by Brun Campbell and R. J. Carew. Mention of Scott
      > Joplin and Sedalia. (Concluding part of this article to follow in a
      > later
      > update).
      > Peter Vickers sends a terrific article on Chink Martin (Martin Abraham),
      > titled, "Chink Martin" : An Interview with George W. Kay. Mention of
      > Jelly
      > Roll, the New Orleans Rhythm Kings, Johnny Miller and Bix Beiderbecke.
      > The
      > article contains a rare photograph of Chink Martin (courtesy of Robert H.
      > Dyler).
      > "Town Bump" : A tour-de-force live performance played by ragtime pianist
      > Terry Waldo.
      > The above items can be accessed from the grey UPDATED BOX at:
      > http://www.doctorjazz.co.uk/updates.html
      > Musically yours.
      > Mike.
      > www.doctorjazz.co.uk
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