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6541RE: [RedHotJazz] Re: Willie Joseph

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  • David Brown
    Jan 26, 2009
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      Hello Robert

      Yes, I thought very carefully before selecting 'rough'. The alternatives
      would be ' Uptown, 'blues' or 'black', all of which are even more

      The early histories suggest that Dodds emerged from this 'Black, Uptown,
      Blues, Rough' clarinet style although there is no aural evidence for this
      and Dodds himself cited only Louis Nelson Delisle and Bechet as influences.

      Unfortunately we hear Milé comparatively late in his career and he is, to
      me, far closer to the style of Nelson than that of Dodds.

      Joseph is far closer to Dodds in style and I agree totally that this does
      not prove Dodds influence. The alternatives are that Joseph influenced Dodds
      or that there was some common source for them both, a single player or a
      pool of players in this style.

      I also cite ODJB 'St. Louis Blues' 25 May 1921 in which Larry Shields
      offers a clarinet solo as close to Dodds as anybody from N.O. except Joseph.

      How do we account for that ?

      I also cite Max Harrison 'A Jazz Retrospect' --- ' it is said that in many
      of his recordings Johnny Dodds was trying to imitate a then famous eccentric
      clarinettist named Boyd Senter.' I have been unable to find his unannotated
      source. Anybody ?


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