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651Re: [RedHotJazz] Lonnie Johnson first recording

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  • Howard Rye
    Jul 4, 2005
      on 4/7/05 6:45, tommersl at tommersl@... wrote:

      > I'm curious about when Lonnie Johnson first appeared on someones
      > record either as a leader or sideman.
      > I Woke Up Cold In Hand / Charles Creath's Jazz O Maniacs seems to me
      > like maybe theres a violin there that could be Lonnie Johnson, it's a
      > wild guess but just to be sure that theres no violin there I want to
      > ask for information or just opinions about it.
      Won't Don't Blues from Creath's November session is normally regarded as
      Lonnie's first recording.

      No one has ever previously reported a violin on the earlier session, and I
      would issue the warning that some dubbing processes notoriously introduce a
      false harmonic (I think that's the correct description) that some listeners
      hear as a violin. It is a bane of discographers, though phantom violins are
      more often reported on Paramounts than other labels.

      John R.T. Davies dubbings of all the Creaths are on Timless CBC1-036 Jazz In
      saint Louis 1924-1927.

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