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6485Re: [RedHotJazz] Authentic washboard band, Argentinian jazz from 1926

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  • Patrice Champarou
    Dec 19, 2008
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      From: "Prof_Hi_Jinx"

      > Leecan was born & bred in Philly, but does anyone have any ideas about his
      > buddy, Robert Cooksey?

      The liner notes to Document DOCD 5279 by John Wilby say :
      "An article from the February 23, 1926 edition of the New York Times
      discovered by Sherwin Dunner describes Cooksey as 31 years old at the time.
      This would indicate a birthdate sometime in 1894. His birthpace remains
      unknown, though as we will see the tune titles on this and the companion
      volume (DOCD-5280) gives us many clues as to Cooksey's and Leecan's

      The next volume explains, at a time Leecan's birthpace was probably unknown,
      that some of Leecan's titles and lyrics contained several allusions to
      Georgia and the Macon area (because of Macon Georgia Cut Out I guess, thus
      not applying to Cooksey... and what he made of Memphis Shake, Kansas City
      Shuffle, and Dallas Blues, I have no idea ;-)

      BTW, the excellent Wash-board Cut Out is on the "companion" volume, DOCD
      5280, and the single track is also available as a download on various sites.
      For a better sound quality, maybe the (mostly blues, with a bit of pre-war
      country music and a touch of Gospel ) compilation Times Ain't What They Used
      To Be vol. 2 (Yazoo 2029) could also be recommeded.
      No futher details I could find on any other disk or book.

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