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  • David Brown
    Dec 11, 2008
      I would like to offer sincere thanks to Yves for his exhaustive and profound
      overview of the work of the wonderful Frankie Newton. I look forward to
      future instalments if possible but appreciate the amount of work involved.

      There are at least a couple of Newton sites online which offer biographies
      and personal reminiscences.

      Critically, I like Charles Fox in 'Essential Jazz Records -1'

      ' Most jazz musicians can contrive to sound either exuberant or melancholy
      but rarely within the same solo. Newton, though, was a trumpeter capable of
      making sudden shifts, able to justify switching from one emotional stance to

      Late lamented Sudhalter in 'Lost Chords' has Frank 'achieving volume and
      high register by pressing the mouthpiece into his upper lip. His sound and
      execution in the final ensembles of quite a few of his records display the
      forced over-percussive attack characteristic of this practice.'

      There is indeed sometimes a strained quality in his work and these technical
      problems may account for the premature end to his career and his switch to
      Flugelhorn and what appears to be bass trumpet. ( There is a photo to be
      found online.)

      This also raises the issues of how both 'incorrect' often self-taught
      technique, especially in brass players, and high note trumpet syndrome have
      moulded the music --- for better or worse.


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