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  • Duncan
    Dec 6 3:21 AM
      Don't post very often, just enjoy the other threads but I became intrigued by the name Val Salata and did a search; found that there's a place name of Val Salata in the Alps:

      After a steep but short stretch, the landscape changes and opens up to the pastures of Forcella Lerosa and those of Ra Stua. In this area many military outworks are still visible, dating back the 1st world war. Continuing along the path n.6 we arrive at the crossroads of Campo Croce. Here we take a right turn towards Val Salata (path n.6).


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      interesting u should comment on mr teagarden. my uncle Val salata played the piano and trumpet with mr. teagarden during that time. sometime during that same era uncle val had his own band, but i can't find any recordings

      my uncle was a trained classical pianist, who loved what we called boogie woogie.
      he died in france just after the war when i believe he was playing for the USO , at least that is family lore
      i was only 5 at the time

      any way i begg to differ with u i was able to find only one recording- armed service too, and i think
      uncle Vlado was pretty terriffic in his solo

      if any one any recording with uncle Val on it- i would be more than willing to pay any costs for a duplicate

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