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6295Re: [RedHotJazz] Copyright extension in the EU

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  • Michael Rader
    Sep 9, 2008
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      Anthony Baldwin, in a letter to the International Herald Tribune, hints that there might be problem with the use-or-lose clause in connection with dead artists. You can gauge the likely impact by looking how much material recorded post-1958 is around at the moment and this does include at least some music of interest to the list.

      Michael Rader
      > The extension is intended to apply only to material not yet in
      > public domain (i.e. it is not retroactive) and includes a use-or-lose
      > clause wherein recordings revert to the artist if the producer/
      > company does not release and ultimately to the public domain if the
      > artist fails to release. It's obviously driven by the majors'
      > desperation to retain copyright in the Beatles, Stones, Dylan, etc
      > etc. No one cares about Oliver Naylor or Luis Russell

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