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6292Copyright extension in the EU

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  • Michael Rader
    Sep 9, 2008
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      Following an abortive attempt by the British music industry (the
      majors) to have the government extend the copyright term on sound
      recordings, attention has been focused at the European level, where
      the British Commissioner, Charlie McCreevy, has quickly initiated a
      directive, extending the copyright term to 95 years. I'm not
      absolutely sure of the implications for reissue companies, since there
      is the option for performers or others to reissue works untouched by
      the music industry after a year. However, the whole initiative has
      been driven by an industry which has shown little interest in
      preserving that part of the cultural heritage which it claims to own.
      Its main interest in extension is to continue to benefit from a
      handful of recordings which still sell well (the Beatles, Elvis
      Presley etc.)
      There is a petition against the extension at:

      We have seen the impact of copyright extension in the US and I, for
      one, would hate to see similar developments in Europe.

      Michael Rader
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