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6287re: [RedHotJazz] Re: shopworn sentimentalism (was Bob Fuller musicians and recording)

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  • Bob Mates
    Sep 7, 2008
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      My understanding has always been that Fats was just as popular
      with blacks as he was with whites, while he was alive. He was
      universally loved.
      The one thing that's important to know is that people's views of
      music can change, depending upon your situation. For instance,
      many black people rejected the blues as "slavery music". It
      didn't jibe with the new image African-Americans wanted to
      convey. Let me give you a more personal example. I'm a blind
      person. Now, I love Ray Charles. I think he was a great
      performer. However, many blind people go out of their way to say
      that they don't like Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder or Jose
      Feliciano. It has to do with the fact that many people will say
      to you, "so, I guess that, being blind, you really dig Stevie
      Wonder, huh?". So, you either say that you can't stand the guy,
      or you go into this thing about how you do like him, but his
      blindness has nothing to do with it.
      In Fats's case, as times changed from might have changed the way
      they perceived his music. But, as I said, my understanding is
      that he was extremely popular while he was alive. Bob
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