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  • Dan Van Landingham
    Aug 10, 2008
      I take it that the Bennie Moten you mentioned regarding Carmello Jejo was NOT the Bennie
      Moten who worked in Kansas City in the '20s until his death in 1935 following a tonsillecto-
      my on a pool table in Kansas City.The Bennie Moten I know of did make a couple of trips
      to Camden,New Jersey to record for RCA in 1932.

      --- On Thu, 8/7/08, yves francois <aprestitine@...> wrote:

      From: yves francois <aprestitine@...>
      Subject: Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Jejo/Jari
      To: RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, August 7, 2008, 11:11 PM

      Michael, what I find interesting in all this is that Jari came back to the USA from South America in 11 October 1927, but was rarely used by Williams again (unless we want to count the LeRoy Tibbs session as a Williams offering, seeing that Waller and Todd have written the songs). The clarinet player IMHO on "Red Hot Flo" matches Tibbs "One O Clock Blues" (very similar note choices in the beginning of the solo), and that Arville Harris (who is noted to be on the Tibbs session) NEVER played anything else as good as whomever was the clarinet player on "One O Clock Blues" (and the other title has a mediocre solo very typical of Harris' 20's work, we can say better than Elliott).
      Re: Jari (aka Jejo): he played with one "Lucky Sambo" show (yikes, they were not always the good old days), run by Vaughn. Personell per drummer Jerome Bourke : Ray Conn (tp), Jimmy Archey (tmb), Carmello Jejo (clt), Jimmy Campbell (alto), Arthur Gibbs (pno, led a band in 1923 that rec for Victor BTW), Chick Johnson (bb) and Bourne (dms) (data in McCarthy's Big Band Jazz p 59 provided on an interview Bourke had with Mohr)
      Re: Bennie Moten a Bennie Motton is listed as the clarinet player on a Joe Jordan big band from 1926 in the same page of McCarthy's book, presume it to be Bennie Moten, who played clarinet and alto on some 1926 Clarence Wiiliams sessions (usually mid 1926, I believe moist sources pin Bennie for the Blue Grass Footwarmers' sessions, ex. Harmony 248, a really nice version of "Old Folks Shuffle" fine clarinet). Jari is usually listed for the first couple Williams sessions in 1927, before Leon Abbey went to South America. Both clarinet players are above the grade we usually find in NYC, though I am beginning to think (after hearing the Bearcats again) that Jari was actually a first rank player, good reader and a fine soloist on the clarinet, we may have our man for Flo (and "One O Clock Blues", he is in town and was possible able for the session), had he not died in 1929.
      One other bit, the LeRoy Tibbs 78 ("One O Clock Blues"/"I Got Worry" Columbia 14309), has a clarinet solo on One O Clock that matches somewhat the approach to Jari's work ands RHF, more interesting is that the clarinet on "I Got Worry" matches Arville Harris, but there is a baritone sax solo of some quality, could Jari be the third reed player on this session? The Tibbs band was one that LeRoy inherited because of Ollie Ross had a disagreement with the management on what drummer was to play in the band. One should note that Ollie Ross is identified with the Lew Leslie Blackbird revues, that Jari, Usera etc played with- and recorded 2 78's for Brunswick, one backing Adeline hall, the other instrumental) . The instrumental 78 on Brunswick (issued so well on Harrison LP R) has a fantastic clarinet solo by Jari on "Bandana Babies", I think he may well be the same man as on Red Hot Flo and One O Clock Blues (but do not discount the possibilty of Moten, if
      he is the clarinet on Harmony 248. Like the Leslie band very much, BTW (the flip side has a nice unison clarinet section, but rather odd solos by Socrras on flute and Usera on tenor)
      Kudos to both Michael and Howard on this one, I am fascinated by all of this, thanks Yves

      BTW Michael, was it Jim Europe who searched for clarinet players from PR in the late teens for the marching band, because there were not proficient enough clarinet players in NYC in 1917, I seem to remember this, and I think the connections of Puerto Rico and Harlem goes back much further than salsa and Machito (indeed, one of the reedmen Howard mentioned from the Blackbirds band of 1928, Ramon Usera, is directly responsible for the arrangements on the Victor recordings of Daniel Santos, a superstar of proto salsa music), all the best

      --- On Thu, 8/7/08, Michael Rader <Rader.Michael@ web.de> wrote:

      > From: Michael Rader <Rader.Michael@ web.de>
      > Subject: Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Jejo/Jari
      > To: RedHotJazz@yahoogro ups.com
      > Date: Thursday, August 7, 2008, 1:11 PM
      > Thanks, Howard, for the lead.
      > There is an article on Abbey in "Storyville 73"
      > by Ralph Gulliver which draws heavily on Dean, who say Jejo
      > as good with the potential for greatness. He died of
      > appendicitis.
      > Rex Stewart quotes Harry Carney as a particular admirer of
      > Jejo's (he also play baritone sax), although Demas Dean
      > says Otto Mikell played the baritone sax solos and that Jejo
      > was responsible for the clarinet. The Abbey band arrived in
      > Rio de Janiero on 25 May 1927, which means that Jejo/Jari
      > could have been on any of the Clarence Williams recordings
      > before May 1927.
      > Jejo was also in the band for Lew Leslie's Blackbirds
      > of 1928. His section mates also had latin-American names -
      > Albert Socarras and Raymond Or Ramon) Usera. The third
      > member of the Bearcats reed section was tenor
      > saxist/clarinetist Ramon Hernandez - which indicates a
      > concentration of Caribbean reed players in New York in the
      > 1920s.
      > Michael Rader
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Believe it or not, Carmelo Jari has a draft
      > registration on file,
      > > done at
      > > San Juan, Puerto Rico on 5 July 1917. It is in
      > Spanish.
      > > He is 22, born at Manati, PR, 16 July 1894, living at
      > 12 Boulevard
      > > San Juan.
      > > He says he is a U.S. Citizen.
      > > His profession is ³Músico² and he is employed by
      > the Ayuntamiento de
      > > San
      > > Juan.
      > >
      > > There is no doiubt this is our man (see the
      > information from the
      > > Leon Abbey
      > > passenger list quoted below).
      > >
      > > He is still in San Juan in 1920, living in Calle San
      > Sebastian, San
      > > Juan:
      > > Carmelo Jari y Nango, jefe, aged 26, mulatto, born
      > Puerto Rico of
      > > Puerto
      > > Rican parents, is a ³músico, banda municipal².
      > With him is his
      > > esposa,
      > > Justina Planes y Crespo, 24, and 7 year old Epifanio
      > Nango y
      > > Figuerosa,
      > > primo (cousin).
      > >
      > > He was certainly in the U.S by August 1922, when he
      > is a member of
      > > AFM Local
      > > 802 reported (as Carmell Jari) in the International
      > Musician as a
      > > traveling
      > > member by Local 16, Newark, NJ.
      > >
      > > I presume he is the Carmelo Jari aged 28 who arrived
      > at New York
      > > City on 4
      > > July 1921 as 3rd cook on the S.S. San Juan. This man
      > shipped in San
      > > Juan,
      > > PR, on 29 June 1921.
      > >
      > > So, annotate your reference books!
      > >
      > > Leon Abbey¹s band arrived back from Rio on the
      > Southern Cross on 11
      > > October
      > > 1927. Carmelo Jari gives his date of birth as 16 July
      > 1894, place of
      > > birth
      > > as Puerto Rico, and address as 116 East 116th Street,
      > New York City.
      > > He is
      > > recorded as married. Other band members are: William
      > H. Lynch, Leon
      > > A.
      > > Abbey, Earl Fraser, Prince Robinson, Phillip F.
      > Blackburn, Joseph C.
      > > Garland, John N. Brown, Reidus Horton, Henry Edwards,
      > Demas Dean. No
      > > doubt
      > > the extensive material on Abbey and Dean published in
      > Storyville
      > > would shed
      > > more light on this trip and might even give a start
      > date since Dean
      > > was a
      > > diary-keeper.
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