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  • Michael Rader
    Aug 7 11:11 AM
      Thanks, Howard, for the lead.

      There is an article on Abbey in "Storyville 73" by Ralph Gulliver which draws heavily on Dean, who say Jejo as good with the potential for greatness. He died of appendicitis.

      Rex Stewart quotes Harry Carney as a particular admirer of Jejo's (he also play baritone sax), although Demas Dean says Otto Mikell played the baritone sax solos and that Jejo was responsible for the clarinet. The Abbey band arrived in Rio de Janiero on 25 May 1927, which means that Jejo/Jari could have been on any of the Clarence Williams recordings before May 1927.

      Jejo was also in the band for Lew Leslie's Blackbirds of 1928. His section mates also had latin-American names - Albert Socarras and Raymond Or Ramon) Usera. The third member of the Bearcats reed section was tenor saxist/clarinetist Ramon Hernandez - which indicates a concentration of Caribbean reed players in New York in the 1920s.

      Michael Rader
      > Believe it or not, Carmelo Jari has a draft registration on file,
      > done at
      > San Juan, Puerto Rico on 5 July 1917. It is in Spanish.
      > He is 22, born at Manati, PR, 16 July 1894, living at 12 Boulevard
      > San Juan.
      > He says he is a U.S. Citizen.
      > His profession is ³Músico² and he is employed by the Ayuntamiento de
      > San
      > Juan.
      > There is no doiubt this is our man (see the information from the
      > Leon Abbey
      > passenger list quoted below).
      > He is still in San Juan in 1920, living in Calle San Sebastian, San
      > Juan:
      > Carmelo Jari y Nango, jefe, aged 26, mulatto, born Puerto Rico of
      > Puerto
      > Rican parents, is a ³músico, banda municipal². With him is his
      > esposa,
      > Justina Planes y Crespo, 24, and 7 year old Epifanio Nango y
      > Figuerosa,
      > primo (cousin).
      > He was certainly in the U.S by August 1922, when he is a member of
      > AFM Local
      > 802 reported (as Carmell Jari) in the International Musician as a
      > traveling
      > member by Local 16, Newark, NJ.
      > I presume he is the Carmelo Jari aged 28 who arrived at New York
      > City on 4
      > July 1921 as 3rd cook on the S.S. San Juan. This man shipped in San
      > Juan,
      > PR, on 29 June 1921.
      > So, annotate your reference books!
      > Leon Abbey¹s band arrived back from Rio on the Southern Cross on 11
      > October
      > 1927. Carmelo Jari gives his date of birth as 16 July 1894, place of
      > birth
      > as Puerto Rico, and address as 116 East 116th Street, New York City.
      > He is
      > recorded as married. Other band members are: William H. Lynch, Leon
      > A.
      > Abbey, Earl Fraser, Prince Robinson, Phillip F. Blackburn, Joseph C.
      > Garland, John N. Brown, Reidus Horton, Henry Edwards, Demas Dean. No
      > doubt
      > the extensive material on Abbey and Dean published in Storyville
      > would shed
      > more light on this trip and might even give a start date since Dean
      > was a
      > diary-keeper.

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